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Attractive and Durable Interlocking Stone for Ottawa Properties

Few things provide the curb appeal, charm, and elegant appearance that come from having a professionally installed interlocking stone structure on your Ottawa property. Interlocking stone is one of the most attractive and durable materials available for exterior enhancement. This is why it’s a great idea to consider it in the first place.


High prices shouldn't keep you away from expert and proficient paving services. At Campora Paving & Concrete Ltd., we offer free estimates and affordable prices, and we'll even strive to beat any competitor's price. All our work is guaranteed to last for an extensive period of time.


Ready to get started? Our paving experts are looking forward to discussing it to help you pick the right type of constructions that will fit your style and look for your property, so call us today!

Interlocking stone

Construction and Installation

Campora Paving & Concrete Ltd. has over 25 years of experience and expertise to construct or install nearly any type of interlocking stone structure, including:

Aprons/retaining walls/planters


Soldier coursing

Additionally, we also work on barrier walls and retention walls out of small interlocking stones.

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