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Expert Concrete Construction and Repair in Ottawa You Can Count On

Looking for a very durable and clean polished look for your next project? Campora Paving & Concrete Ltd. offers professional concrete services that will give a smooth, professional appearance to your home or business’ exterior. We are experts in all aspects of concrete construction in Ottawa, including flatwork, exterior fabrication, decorative design, and structural constructs.


Though concrete is a strong and durable material, it isn’t immune to weathering and can crack over time. For years, Ottawa homeowners looking for concrete repairs have turned to Campora Paving & Concrete Ltd. to fix unsightly and sometimes dangerous cracks in their stairs, walkways, and more.

concrete sidewalk
walk way concrete
concrete walkway

Concrete for Any Purpose

Whether we’re working on your home or your business, you can depend on Campora Paving & Concrete Ltd. for any types of concrete construction, including:


Garage floors

Barrier walls and retention walls

Types of Steps and Stairs

There are different types of steps and stairs, these include:

Exit Stairs: Stair flights resemble monolithic structures and are easy to install. Additionally, stairs and landings can be manufactured as monolithic units or separate units.

Steps: Central pre-cast steps can be customized with a variety of widths and risers with or without a landing. These one-piece steps are maintenance-free and serve as a great alternative to cast-in-place steps.

Treads: Stair treads add a contemporary touch to most interior and exterior applications. These are available in lightweight options and are easy to install.  

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